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Our Services


Homeowners associations represent a sizable portion of our more than seven years of commercial landscape maintenance clients. Property managers and boards of directors are presented with a unique set of challenges each day and we have an intimate understanding of those challenges.


We have been performing great work for clients in the commercial office market for more than 7 years. Whether those clients’ properties are among Tampa's highest-profile office campuses or small, single-tenant locations, the OP team understands their needs.


Retail has always been an important sector of the Tampa real estate market. We have helped to design, build and maintain some of Tampa's best and most innovative properties.


This broad sector of properties includes churches, hospitals, country clubs, colleges, and government branches. Of the many Central Florida's commercial properties we’ve been proud to serve for a decade or more, a large number of them are institutional facilities.


Industrial properties’ unique uses and of our clients’ unique needs require a tailored approach to commercial landscape maintenance services. In addition to providing exceptional landscape services, we also work to be an additional set of eyes on the properties.


Multi-family properties are complex operations with a lot of moving parts. And because OP  has been serving multi-family properties for 7 years, we understand the ins and outs of these operations — as well as the need to make every dollar used on every property go further.